Tidbits #34

Hi, friends. 👋🏻👋🏻 What a week! Not only were markets extremely volatile, many companies and industries continue to undergo fascinating change. Major change is coming in the media space if Snap, Twitter, and Spotify’s recent investor / product presentations were any indication. And beyond that…the boom in NFTs (non-fungible [crypto]tokens) is wild in its own … Continue reading Tidbits #34

Competing Against the Past, Competing Against the Future

Three years ago, Capital Flywheels wrote a post titled “Why Amazon is so Hard to Compete Against“. Specifically, I argued that Amazon’s greatest advantage is not the commonly cited ones of scale or cash flow or brilliant management… (those things make it even harder to compete against Amazon)… …but rather Amazon’s greatest advantage is that … Continue reading Competing Against the Past, Competing Against the Future

Tidbits #10

A hodgepodge… 🛍 Commerce #1 Shopify continues to “Arm the Rebels” with a Walmart partnership Starting today, Shopify merchants across the U.S. will be able to apply to sell through Walmart.com. If approved, they’ll be able to connect their Shopify store to their Walmart Seller Account, enabling them to quickly and easily sync their product … Continue reading Tidbits #10

Tidbits #2

Before writing any further, I want to wish you all a happy holiday season as we wrap up the decade and begin anew! If you have a few minutes to spare during the holidays, this article is worth a read. Not only does it discuss Shopify’s strategy, it manages to do so using the context … Continue reading Tidbits #2

“Arming the rebels of the commerce industry”

Shopify announced quarterly results yesterday and raised guidance. Although the market appeared to be more short-sighted and reacted poorly largely because the results were “good but not good enough”, the company continues to execute well on its long term vision. Along with results, the company released a new report highlighting the impact of their business, … Continue reading “Arming the rebels of the commerce industry”