Tidbits #36 – New Business Surge, Changing Date Nights, and a Whole New Reality

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🗺 Geopolitics

#1 Microsoft Attack Blamed on China Morphs Into Global Crisis

A sophisticated attack on Microsoft Corp.’s widely used business email software is morphing into a global cybersecurity crisis, as hackers race to infect as many victims as possible before companies can secure their computer systems.

The attack, which Microsoft has said started with a Chinese government-backed hacking group, has so far claimed at least 60,000 known victims globally, according to a former senior U.S.

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Tidbits #30

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If you can’t get through all of it, please at least check out #20! It’s awesome. I guarantee it.

🗺 Geopolitics

#1 Twitter Locks Out Chinese Embassy in U.S. Over Post on Uighurs

Twitter Inc.

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Competing Against the Past, Competing Against the Future

Three years ago, Capital Flywheels wrote a post titled “Why Amazon is so Hard to Compete Against“.

Specifically, I argued that Amazon’s greatest advantage is not the commonly cited ones of scale or cash flow or brilliant management…

(those things make it even harder to compete against Amazon)

…but rather Amazon’s greatest advantage is that competitors never actually compete against Amazon at all but instead compete against Amazon’s past.Read the rest “Competing Against the Past, Competing Against the Future”

Energy and Computation Part 2 – Nvidia

A few weeks ago, Capital Flywheels explored how societal and technological developments can be potentially simplified down to two core concepts: Energy and computation.

For long term investors and thinkers, there is nothing more powerful than recognizing and observing the mega-trends that not only influence our lives over months and years but over decades, centuries, and perhaps millennia. Understanding these mega-trends allow us to make decisions and position ourselves for the future far in advance of the common consensus as well as gauge the durability, duration, and sustainability of a prevailing narrative.… Read the rest “Energy and Computation Part 2 – Nvidia”