Tidbits #82 – Tech Layoffs, Crypto Insider Trading, Stripe Apps + More

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Welcome back to another edition of Tidbits covering all the recent things worth talking about in business, media, and technology.

A New Emergent Business Model: Platform + App Marketplace

One of the articles in this edition discusses Stripe’s launch of an apps marketplace. This could fundamentally transform the scope of Stripe’s product and the infrastructure they have built.… Read the rest “Tidbits #82 – Tech Layoffs, Crypto Insider Trading, Stripe Apps + More”

Gaming and Online Advertising

The online advertising market increasingly looks like it is ripe for disruption.

While a big part of this can be attributed to Apple’s recent aggressive actions to limit data-gathering, a lot of it also seems to simply reflect changing consumer behaviors.

The disruption that is coming for advertising is particularly remarkable because, for the longest time, online advertising almost appeared destined to be the “cockroach” of the Internet – Entirely undesirable yet indestructible and possibly able to survive nuclear Holocaust.… Read the rest “Gaming and Online Advertising”

Tidbits #16 – Skipping the Elephant in the Room

I sensed October was going to get really crazy, but it got crazy, faster than I thought. You know what I’m talking about. Since the whole world already knows what happened yesterday, I’m just going to skip mentioning the elephant in the room because you and I know I have no useful commentary to add there at all.

Let’s see how well I can take your mind off of that topic and onto other things.… Read the rest “Tidbits #16 – Skipping the Elephant in the Room”

Tidbits #4

As previously mentioned, Nintendo is following in the footsteps of Disney and will be building theme park attractions. Bloomberg recently published more details on what that may look like ahead of Super Nintendo World opening at Universal Studio Japan:

Super Nintendo World is slated to open this summer in Osaka, featuring a Power Up Band wearable that lets visitors collect coins and battle bosses while exploring a physical environment.

Read the rest “Tidbits #4”

Game On

As expected, October shaped up to be an eventful month for Activision. After starting the month with very impressive numbers for Call of Duty mobile, the company almost went off track after getting involved in the politically sensitive topic of Hong Kong governance. While that remains a sensitive topic, the issue seems to have died down a bit.

And we are about to wrap up the month back on top as the good news continues to flow.… Read the rest “Game On”

Activision – Sleeping Giant or Past its Prime?

Before Tencent Games conquered China and became the world’s largest gaming company a few years ago, Activision Blizzard dominated the industry.

In many ways, Blizzard (specifically) was one of the early leaders in exploring a lot of the themes that make the gaming industry interesting today.

Blizzard was a leader in pioneering and mainstreaming new formats (e.g. MMO/MMORPG through World of Warcraft*), competitive gaming (e.g.… Read the rest “Activision – Sleeping Giant or Past its Prime?”