Activision 2019 3rd Quarter Call Highlights

Unlike most company earning calls which are too short term focused to have much worth discussing, the latest Activision call had a couple of interesting questions + answers.

These stood out to me:

On Other Franchises Moving to Mobile + Mobile Strategy:

Alex Giaimo, Analyst

Thank you, guys. Just hoping to get a bit more color around the long-term mobile strategy within the portfolio with COD mobile up and running, we know Immortal is coming at some point, but would mobile makes sense for any of the other Tentpole franchises like a WoW or an Overwatch?

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Game On

As expected, October shaped up to be an eventful month for Activision. After starting the month with very impressive numbers for Call of Duty mobile, the company almost went off track after getting involved in the politically sensitive topic of Hong Kong governance. While that remains a sensitive topic, the issue seems to have died down a bit.

And we are about to wrap up the month back on top as the good news continues to flow.… Read the rest “Game On”

Activision Data Points Continue to Point Up

The mobile version of videogame franchise “Call of Duty” racked up 100 million downloads in its first week, industry site Sensor Tower said on Tuesday, dwarfing the debuts of previous smashes including “Fortnite” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG).

Source: Reuters

Third party data can sometimes be off, but even with a meaningful margin of error, 100 million is a big number. Doesn’t hurt to have Tencent as a partner for the mobile version of Call of Duty.… Read the rest “Activision Data Points Continue to Point Up”

Activision – Sleeping Giant or Past its Prime?

Before Tencent Games conquered China and became the world’s largest gaming company a few years ago, Activision Blizzard dominated the industry.

In many ways, Blizzard (specifically) was one of the early leaders in exploring a lot of the themes that make the gaming industry interesting today.

Blizzard was a leader in pioneering and mainstreaming new formats (e.g. MMO/MMORPG through World of Warcraft*), competitive gaming (e.g.… Read the rest “Activision – Sleeping Giant or Past its Prime?”